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Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by SakuraS14, Jun 15, 2005.

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    Hey guys,

    Great forum! I'm new to r/c drifting, but I've been into R/c for a few years w/ 2WD off road and electric touring cars.

    In the photo gallery and in one of the topics on the forum, there is an R30 or R31 skyline body. I was wondering if anyone had any information on where to get one. I absolutely love the R31; its just a classic look.

    Also, if anyone has any information on an S14 Silvia/240sx body I would greatly appreciate it.

    I dunno if anyone wants it, but I have a link for an S13 Silvia coupe wide-style body (1900mm).

    Hopefully someone has some information on that R31! :D
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    The s13 body is 190mm...I hit one too many 0's...
  3. iGuy

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    yokomo has the s14. I believe ABC has those too. Also the 240sx is from Yokomo too. If you look for the s15 Yokomo and HPI has em.
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    Awesome, thanks for the help.

    Any thoughts on the R30 or R31 Skyline coupe?
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    Sorry,...I have seen them before but no idea who makes em.
    It looks like a box rite ? all edgy n so ?
  6. SakuraS14

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    Yeah, thats it. It looks like a long, flat, wide box. In the main page, if you go to the photo gallery, and then into the picture section, there are pictures on page 19.


    That one is an R30. Its the dark gray car on the top row (3 right photos) on page 19.

    Someone help!
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    I havent seen an R31 RC ever, but iv seen the R32's. Tamiya had them for like $60 for the kit with the body. But there was a limited amount, and they went quick. i havent seen anything else since
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    lol...Be that as it may, I'm more of a fan of circuit-driven R34s.

    The coolest drift cars to me are the ones that look better going sideways, not the best looking ones in pit lane. My point is, an old school car like that Skyline or an R30 or R31 (or even an old school Soarer that recently competed in D1) is an awesome thing to see careening on the verge of crashing follwed by billowing and pungent white smoke and hot burning bits of shredded tire.

    Basically, having that ABC KPGC110 Skyline GT-R in my "stable" would just be a tribute to the balls to the wall sort of crazy shennanigans that the drifting world emerged from. I mean, when drifting started there was no 180sx or S15 to go tool around in. Cars like that one started drifting, and I just hope to find one to pay homage to the gods of Shredded Tire and Acrid Smoke.

    But enough of my poetic ramblings.

    I am soon going to launch, hopefully with's help, a sort of R/C drift car painting/custom decal/actual drift car replication service from my house. I'm thinking you pay me for the time I take to design your car, and shipping, and the cost of the body. One of my best friends is a Graphic designer so she's gonna be hooking people up with all the JDM mirror graphics anyone could want. Also, I'm a bit gifted at tinkering, so I'm probably going to be doing custom headlight and tail light assemblies.

    So word of mouth; if you know anyone who would be interested, tell them to hit me up.

    I'm really hoping this will take off, and not just be the tired musings of an odd kid. Lol. :p
  11. SpArKeY_STi

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    It wont. I've seen 4 people try, and 4 people fail. Nothing bad against you, its just your not Team Losi or anything. You don thave the power to make cheap bodies. The cheapest i've seen home made bodies was $50...

    Its a good idea and such, but just stick to the graphics and light assembiles. Because, remeber, you have to look at all the cost to start up, and keep it going. Sheets of lexan go cheap. Like $5 for a 20x20. Then you have to buy clay. Like $20 a pound for good stuff. Probly two pounds per body you plan to make. Then the cost to make the vaccume machine. I just dont want to see you go threw all this, and then fail. Unless you have access to a shop that can mold that stuff for you, it will take 3 months to make 1 body because people are going to want DETAIL with the bodies they buy.
  12. SakuraS14

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    lol Sparkey...

    I guess it was a bit late. The only parts I ever considered vacuum-forming we little add ons like over fenders and hood scoops, not whole cars.

    What I meant by reproducing a real drift car was taking an existing body shell, and then giving it enough custom graphics and then a paint job to make it look like the actual drift car.

    For example, lets say someone wanted the HPI S15. I'd just take one of the Yokomo D1 S15 bodies or the HPI Racing S15 and do the custom graphics and paint, slap on a Yokomo wing, some light buckets, and the custom head and tail lights.

    I know absolutely nothing about vacuum So I guess I gave the wrong impression. Though I would enjoy learning something about it. I'd really like to make some TRD-style fender flares for the AE86.

    Do you think something more along those lines will work? If you want I'll be happy to do a body for using your color scheme and any logo you guys would wanna use. Or even just do one for one of the members. Lemme know.
  13. SpArKeY_STi

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    Thats a bit more easy. I too do CAD designs, and have worked on getting them produced, but i dont want to go threw with it, unless i know i can profet from them. I have some wheel designs i would like to draw up, but dont know how i would go about marking them. The drift scene just isnt big enough to start making custom parts for manufacture.

    And ya, the body things would be cool. does stuff like that. They make custom Mini "B" bodies for the Mini-T, and that just took off!
  14. SakuraS14

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    Thanks Sparkey...

    Well if you want one I'm more than happy to I went to a local hobby shop yesterday and found perfect materials to make diffusers and splitters and my light brackets with.

    Get with your fellow site staff members; I'm more than happy to make a "flagship" car for your site.