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    a researcher by day, a nitpicky pepakura builder whenever i can. to be honest, i came to zealot for uhu02's work. finish up the aries 1-b. sorta got hooked. ahaha.. but i like to learn new stuff, and this place has a lot of new stuff, seriously.
    had some ideas to create papercrafts as well, especially scientific experiments (maybe the compact muon solenoid detector (LHC), an interferometer (LIGO), a telesope?) could be a super cheap way to help youngsters understand the working principle from a detailed model.
    unfortunately i suck at modelling for now.
    looking forward to try new stuffs, maybe trains, awesome. or ships, still awesome.
    it's very nice to see the gatekeepers. 'sup guys? :)
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  2. Rhaven Blaack

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    Hello Aj001,

    Welcome to Zealot. You have come to the right place for learning more about paper model building. We do not criticize people on their skills. We will offer help, advice, and techniques on how to improve your skills

    We have a few members who are teachers and use paper models as teaching aids in their classes. So I hope that you can pick up some ideas and techniques from them as well.

    If you have any finished models now, we would love to see photos of what you have done so far.

    If you have any questions, comments, concerns, need help or advice. Please feel free to ask and we will do what we can to help you (or at least point you in the right direction)

    Once again welcome to the forum. I hope that you enjoy yourself here.
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    Hey welcome to Zealot! You've certainly have come to the right place. If you want to design your own stuff there are a dedicated group or Zealots on this forum that absolutely love designing things out of paper. Some of these range from static models to automatons.

    Your skills will definitely increase over time especially as you build more models. I recommend building some of the Astro Racers done by Alien99. Here's his site:


    It's a great way to practice your skills with an xacto knife. Over time you'll also learn about greebling and how to improve / modify your models over time. That's the beauty of paper.

    Here's a link to some of Papierschnitzel's current work.


    Here's a link to some Star Wars pepakura models:

    http://chomikuj.pl/Star-Wars-Center... Pojazdy i statki/*e2*96*8cSojusz Galaktyczny

    Here's a Kwing that has been built from the above site:


    Here's a link to Karakuri - Japanese mechanical paper models


    I know that this is probably a lot to throw at you all at once.

    Again Welcome to Zealot!

    Sky Seeker
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    Welcome AJ001, just to endorse what Rhaven-Blaack said, we don't critisize but offer useful suggestions & advice. :) My skills grew from reading posts and seeing what others had done with their models. Practice always makes perfect, and don't be harsh on yourself, if you've tried your best then it's something to be proud of, regardless how neat (or not) your fold lines are! ;)
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    Welcome from me as well! Your plans sound very interesting. I'm looking forward to seeing how they come out. Have fun and enjoy! :)
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    Welcome Aj001, glad to have you aboard! Welcome to Zealot! :)
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    Welcome to Zealot...Looks like SkySeeker loaded you up with plenty of sites to look through..so I will refrain..but when you speak of "ideas to create papercrafts as well, especially scientific experiments" Give a holler any time and will help however possible. Enjoy! and Have fun..We would also love to see any of your work!