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    hello I am a new guy here and new to this hobby I have always been fascinated by card models so I want to try my luck at some.....for year I have been making plastic kits..but they are starting to bore the heck out of me...

    any ways I a masking if any one knows how to increase the size of the
    Halinski>> Sd.Kfz 7 1/25 kit into a 1/18th kit?

    You see I have this dilemma I have a 1/18th flak 88 from 21st century toys but they have not made a Sd.Kfz 7...and probably will not since they are going out of business does any one know of a person here that can do that kind of work.......I know I am new here...but I am an honest person with honest intentions.:wave:
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    Hi and Welcome.

    You are setting yourself a bit of a challenge. I cannot comment on the Halinski kit but I am just finishing off a rescale of a truck and trailer unit from 1:32 to 1:24 so can offer some observations on the process http://www.zealot.com/forum/showthread.php?t=160708.

    I make your proposals to be a 122.22% enlargement.

    Scanning;I have a love hate relationship with scanners and printers that is probably more hate than love. If the kit is all on A4 paper the process is pretty straightforward if it is on a larger paper size the fun begins with each sheet of model parts requiring one, two or even more scans to capture. For my recent project the kit was on B4; I started by carefully cutting the part sheets into thirds but quarters turned out to be better!

    Needless to say I scanned to a fairly high resolution 300+dpi.

    What size of card are you planning to reprint onto? I its back to A4? If so you need to consider the longest part in the kit, will it fit A4 once scaled by 122.22%? Joining long parts isn't all that difficult but you will need to think hard and perhaps make your own registration marks to get a good match when joining parts which are too long to print in one pass. Remember when printing that paper and card have a grain which influences the way it behaves when bending or forming curves.

    I print (and scan) using Photoshop 7 on a Mac, there is an option to "Print with Preview". In this nifty little window you can change the scale and position the sheet relative to the page. In some instances you might "Rotate the canvas" before "Print with Preview" to get a better fit.

    Building. Well logistics and planing are key to a smooth build process, I keep my printed parts sheets in A4 plastic presentation wallets labelled Page 1 a, b, c etc..

    Laminating. I suspect that a kit by Halinski will be very precisely designed and engineered, getting thicker card to back the printed parts to form the kit's frame is going to be important and a bit of a chore. I recycle a lot of packaging and use engineer's callipers to measure card and double or triple it to get close to the correct thickness (say a couple of 100ths of a mm!).

    Be prepared to paint sub assemblies.

    Think laterally!

    Good luck and I am sure the finished half-track will be a monster at 1:18!