Hello.. getting a yokomo s15 :-)

Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by Trike, Jun 2, 2004.

  1. Trike

    Trike Guest

    hello, wanted to say hi, i was a lurker over at rcdrift. i ordered a yokomo s15 on monday from ultimate hobbies, i hope they ship it soon. to go with it, i ordered a novak brushless SS5800. what do you guys think? good choice? i guess i'll need to do PVC soon. Doubt i'll mess with the Drift rings as people say they dont last worth a damn.
  2. Hey, how ya doin btw

    man i changed from PVC to yokomo drift wheels. sure the yoke drift rings wear quite quickly (about 10 charges/150 - 200mins for me), but they rock soo hard.

    they have heap sof traction but give you heaps of drift too. so much control :wink: :D :D
  3. Trike

    Trike Guest

    yeah i heard the drift rings are really cool. on straight aways they grip and when sideways they slide plenty.
  4. belgiandiftr

    belgiandiftr Guest

    i have the same ss5800 in drift car but dont use it in the unlimited programs coz the rings are worn whit like 2 packs then grrrrr
  5. Trike

    Trike Guest

    heh. nice. i plan on using pvc on all 4 corners. I would imagine going fast in a straight away is going to be tough because of the pvc?
  6. DaLurker

    DaLurker Guest

    Man I imagine with a brushless system, u can pull drifts with just rubber! So much power should let you break the tires anytime you want.
  7. rcdrift.com

    rcdrift.com Guest

    Congrats on the new purchase

    and welcome to the new forum

  8. WeAreNinja

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    That's what I was gonna say. Drift tires would be a waste of money, and you would probably never have traction with pvc.
  9. dannyp

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    if you are getting that motor, you could probably drift on rubber. but anyway, I run my yokomo with ABS NOT PVC. abs has more traction, looks better, and is cheaper than yoke tires. I found I can go just as fast with my yokomo chassis on ABS as I can with the drift tires and rings.

    If i had the money, I would definatly buy that motor.
  10. Trike

    Trike Guest

    sweet, thanks for the great comments and warm welcome. maybe i'll slap some rubber on there first and see how that works. why does ABS have better traction? is it softer than PVC?

  11. S14Swap240sx

    S14Swap240sx Guest

    congrats, on the new car dude, and yea the brushless are gonna eat those drift tires up, big time.. haha i wish i could affoard that aswell, but on another note, i want to try abs plastic, what form do you buy it in? 10 foot tubes like pvc or what?
  12. Onikyan

    Onikyan Guest

    You can drift on rubber with the Novak, but you have a larger level of control if you use tape or PVC. Using PVC also increases your run time because the motor does not have to work as hard to hold a drift.
  13. Trike

    Trike Guest

    would you use pvc on all four tires? what would happen if you just used pvc on the rear, would the car just spin out, the front has more traction
  14. belgiandiftr

    belgiandiftr Guest

    yes it just does a 180 wen u touch the steering