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    I'm a new lurker here. My introduction to card modelling was on my Honeymoon 28 or so years ago when I bought a model of a Merlin in flight in a hobby shop in either Arcada or Eureka, California. It is a beautiful model (they had one built), I was impressed and bought, then realized I had no idea of what kind of glue I needed to put it together. Anyhoo, here it is 28 years later, and I have a new grandson. What can I do to teach him motor skills? Hmmmm, maybe card modelling. So I joined the magic keys on Fiddler's Green and started looking around, now I have about a zillion models, five or six I have built and have been bitten by the bug. By the way, I still have the Merlin, have scanned it and will probably be one of my upcoming builds.

    Personally, I'm and old coot (62), and a self employed sign painter, a business I grew up in. Took a hiatus for about 15 years, nine and some change in the Army (yes Viet Nam was in there), and 5 or so surveying/engineering.

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    welcome1: to the forum Burning Beard, nice to have you here. I'm 6 years younger than you. No one too old or too young for the hobby. Please free to post pictures of your work, thanks for posting the introduction. Happy to have you aboard. )
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    Welcome Beard