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    Sep 4, 2011
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    Hello all,
    I'm from Tasmania- the island state hanging off the bottom of Australia.
    I'm a plastic modeller- mostly armour and Sci-Fi but have been intrigued with paper modelling after seeing some of the amazing models available online. This one really impressed me:
    I've actually made up some paper parts for my plastic kits -which was fun. Once I coated the paper with super-glue they were as hard as I could wish for. Also I have used some paper plans and used sheet styrene for the parts... Not bad but I need some more practice.

    So, I'm looking forward to making some paper models- particularly the Aliens APC. I used to have the old Halcyon kit but it has disappeared on me.

    Thanks for having me.

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    Wow, you're from Tasmania! I would love to visit Australia. Saying, "I'm from Connecticut," does not have the same ring as "I'm from Tasmania".

    We have people here who work in plastic also. Mostly paper but sometimes you just need to use something else. :welcome1: aboard! :thumb:

    I know there is a paper Aliens APC, I can't remember now where it's at, maybe one of the others will ring in on it.