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    Aug 28, 2011
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    Hello all,

    I'm from Spain and new, one friend to advise me to this forum and I've decided to participate.
    I'm interested in papercrafts and you seems a very dedicated people with a lot of experience and illusion with this hobby, ¬°Great!

    I've had making simple, easy and funny papercrafts this past years from those lot of free pages that all people knows, but now I want to grow up my skills and work in more difficult projects.

    One other of my passion hobbyes are resin&plastic model kits, in particular Horror, SciFi and Fantastic models, but they are expensive and doesn't could buy, assemble and paint all that I want. The papercrafts seems a great option.

    I'm going to practice with my second StarWars papercraft, I hope it rules!