Hello from South Australia!

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    Nov 23, 2010
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    Hello people.

    My name is Blake (aka "Maceo" or "Maceo Bennett"), and I am from Adelaide in South Australia.

    My reason for joining this forum was primarily because ages ago I stumbled across the pdf. files for building the papercraft Pandora zeppelin and the Devastator plane from the Crimson Skies fiction (of which I am a massive fan). However, the website where I found these files has more recently been unfortunately closed - which means I have no 'read me' to go by. However, I did stumble across links to this website. So I decided to join, as I am rather keen to make the Pandora (at the very least), and then hopefully use that template to make more papercraft airships.

    I'm not sure if it's covered in this website, but my other hobbies - most of which I'm only just getting started in - include costuming (I'm currently working on a Crimson Skies costume), model building (I have a WWI tank from Airfix which is awaiting my attention), and miniatures (I have German WWI infantry from Airfix which await further painting, as well as collecting several dozen prepainted Star Wars minis, I have several of the prepainted Crimson Skies minis, and more recently I've purchased four Crimson Skies minis which shall require painting once they arrive).
    I also wouldn't mind getting into model trains at some point. I am considering that perhaps I should find cheaper hobbies... on the other hand, at least I'm not interested in Warhammer! :rofl:
    So yes... I like Crimson Skies, dieselpunk (which I prefer over steampunk), hats (particularly fedoras), video games, good films, and good music.

    Uhh, I guess that's about it really. I hope this introduction to me is sufficient. :mrgreen:
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    Welcome aboard. You have come to the right place for Sci-Fi stuff and other sundries. There is a cornucopia of models here in the freebie and if you want more, check out http://www.papermodelers.com/ and http://www.ss42.com/ check out the left column and on paper toys click on that and it will bring you to another section of all kinds of paper models as well by category. Find something that you like and Post some of your works here when you feel comfortable. Enjoy and see you around the forums.