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    My name is Scott. I recently stumbled into paper craft modeling. I was a huge plastic modeler as a child/teen and had no idea what could be done with paper. This new hobby has me reliving and watching all my childhood sci fi shows and movies! Star Wars, Star Trek, BSG, Buck Rogers, etc.

    I really hope to develop a skill so tips are very welcome. I have attempted some crafts and know it takes patience and some semblance of skill! So, hats off to those who try. I work in the Health Care industry and as frustrating as that is am hoping paper crafting will not be so and I will have a small collection of card toys for my son to enjoy by the time he is a bit older. He is 13 months now so I have time to make some mistakes!

    Glad to be here, thanks all.
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    Aug 23, 2007
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    Welcome aboard and I hope that you like what you have seen here. Check out the downloads for a good selection of models and also the links for other paper modeling sites. Build and show some of your works here. If you run into any construction problems, take a photo of the offending part and some one here will be able to help out. Enjoy and see you around the forums.
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    Welcome to the forum!! You son will grow up a lot faster than you could imagine. Mine was 13 months old yesterday, and now he is 11 years old! Hope you enjoy your stay and have fun! I live about 75' from Putnam County!