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    Just came across this site while learning pepakura. My grandson (I'm a pretty old dude) loves all superhero characters and we have an affinity for building and constructing anything to do with them. He is very young and although only 5 his curiosity has led him to begin learning how to model in sketchup (with grandpa's help of course) and he loves it. So, we embarked on this pepakura thing the other day and are building a simple starwars type helmet. I will post some pics.

    Being new to this I look forward to learning from you experts here and don't mind sharing any of the stuff we learn or models we come up with when up to speed. I use sketchup often and now have to figure out how to render this stuff to pepakura. I don't mind the time involved because I am retired and frankly it's fun and challenging.

    We started this because my little guy wanted a Green Goblin helmet and costume. We have not be lucky enough to find anything so we decided to build it ourselves. The one we are currently making started on plain paper and after putting it together it's rather flimsy but I think I have a way to stiffen up the model to be able to apply fiberglass resin in a day or so.

    This is all very facinating to both of us and I look forward to learning and sharing some here.

    Thanks for looking.
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    Welcome aboard. Curiosity is the mother of invention, and you are of to a good start with your little one. It is hard to keep the interest going for the young-lings but with a good master, the padawan will grow to excel. Hope to see some of your creations in the future. Enjoy and see you around the forums.