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    Aug 26, 2011
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    I am a 70 year old modelbuilder.
    I have completed my first card model ship in 1962, the Scharnhorst was my first effort as published by the Wilhelmshaven Lehrmittel Institute , as they were called in 1962.
    This was followed by a whole host of other warhips, all the way down to the small Schnellboot also by Wilhelmshaven.
    While my center of gravity tends to be in the navy style shipping themes, I also like air craft, trains and anything alse that is an accurate representation of a real life object.
    I have recently retired (mostly) and have now got some tim for myself and my hobby.
    The urge to make a model of something has never left me and I am now eager to start something.
    The level of sophistication and the level of detailing has increased a lot since the days of my first efforts in the early '60's.
    So have the selection of models, subjects and means of acquisition.
    I look forward to get going.
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    Well a big :welcome1: Please feel free to post any past present and future work, as may be the case, and a hearty welcome aboard!! It a great honor indeed to have an experienced modeler as yourself join.:thumb: