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    My name is Daniel, I am 35, I am Brazilian and I'm a fan of science fiction with the main references Mass Effect, Star Trek and Star Wars.
    I love miniatures and scale models, tenhos 9 models of Star Wars, 1 Enterprise and my favorite, the Normandy SR2.
    How am crazy about games, I also have three collector's editions of Mass Effect for PC and XBOX-360 and also all the Star Wars Saga games for PC. Wing Commander was one of my favorites at the time.
    I am currently finishing an AT-AT on paper and can be considered a mid-level assembler, when finalized will post on the forum.
    I hope to get help for my future projects and also be able to help others with my experience of 3 years in the hobby.

    Thanks for all members ...
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    Welcome aboard. I am sure that you will find this site very friendly and full of sci-fi stuff. Check out our freebies for all kinds of federation ships and items of interest. Hope to see some of your works soon. Enjoy and see you around the forums.
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    Boy do I feel dumb. I sent you a P.M. asking you to post an Introduction and here you have done an excellent one. Am example of how it should be done frankly. :welcome1: to the forum. We are very Happy to have you here. Please read the rules, and do make our posts in English, you can make them in Portuguese too, but they must be in English. Try and stay in current threads, also in the rules. Rule of thumb is if no one has posted in it in two weeks, let the original poster star up the thread again. There's always exceptions but posting in two year old "dead" threads, some people recently have posted in 5 year old dead threads, as an example, is problematic as we have many SPAMMERS who are doing that and it is hard to keep track of this, very hard.

    Welcome aboard! Please, feel free to post any pictures of your work if you wish! :)
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    Welcome to the forum. It is always a pleasure to see other people from other countries that enjoy this wondrous hobby and what they are interested in.

    You will find many people here that have the same interest in the subjects that you like that are willing to help answer any questions, give advice, or guide you to those who can help you with what ever you may need.

    I hope that you enjoy yourself here and once again welcome aboard.

    i look forward to seeing your work really soon.