Heljan's Container Crane

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    Hello everybody

    I couldn't find the Introductions forum, so I'll go straight to the case: :mrgreen:

    I've been fortunate to be able to borrow one of Heljan's new container crane models for review on my Danish blog, MJ-blog.dk.

    The first part of the review (in English) can be read here:
    MJ-blog ยป Container Terminal from Heljan - Part I: First impressions

    The first part is about the first impressions of the working model, the second will be a comparison with the real crane in Copenhagen, Denmark which the crane is modelled after. The thirs article will be a more general overview of the modern container system, while the fourth article will deal with the technical operations of the crane and the connection to a pc.


    Comments are more than welcome..

    - Occam