Heavy grade cardboards

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    Nov 3, 2011
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    I think I've finally found a reliable source for heavy grey cardstock. Someone on one of the forums suggested trying picture framers. This morning, looking for such in the Yellow Pages I found a wholesaler of picture framing supplies and a quick phone-call ascertained he was able to sell varying grades of board by the sheet. A quick visit found me walking away with 3 sheets of A0 size board in 1, 1.5 and 2mm thicknesses for a total cost of £6.71 including VAT. I also got his catalogue which includes a huge range of boards, adhesives and tapes which I will experiment with in the future.

    Unfortunately, they are not on line but the address is:-

    Hinton Wholesale Supplies,
    68 Church End,
    Cherry Hinton,
    Cambridge CB1 3LB
    U. K.

    or e-mail:- mail@hintonwholesale.co.uk

    They have a van delivery service at £5 or free on orders over £50 or can deliver nationally at £10 or free on orders over£125.

    However look in you own yellow pages for similar firms as he can't be the only one in the UK and there must be others in the rest of the world!

    I just realised I forgot to give their telephone number. It is:-

    01223 411715

    Sorry 'bout that.
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    Picture framers here locally are often glad to get rid of the looming pile of matte board from their framing shop - for free!

    Can't hurt to ask!:thumb:

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    I get lbs. of this high quality 1 mm acid free board from Michael's Craft Stores all the time. You are right, not only does it not hurt to ask, have a model in hand to show them what you are doing with it. I was given almost 15 lb. of board the biggest piece being 32" by 24" and the smallest 12" by 12", this is big, high quality stuff, not measly scraps, and in a variety of "shades"! :)