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    I thought I would share it here also.:driver1:


    Hi guys! I posted this to Scott's thread but then thought I would make it a stand alone post so you might see it those who would be interested.

    It said:

    Thanks again for the kind thoughts.

    I will bring you up to date.

    The week I went to the hospital with internal bleeding I was told to make my arrangements.

    The gasto doctor and the nurses on that floor, a special observation floor didn't expect me to leave and boy did they treat me well. I did get out after a week and was advised to speak with hospice which I did for in home care.

    I realized with hospice life sustaining care would not be forth coming and all my care and med's would be controlled by them. Before that began I was back in the hospital twice more after my post.

    That is when I had a consult with a kidney doctor and we spoke about dialysis. I though that would solve my fluid problem, I just had 9 and 1/2 liters tapped of from my belly.
    BY the time of my first post hospital visit with him my kidney funtions were just a bit to improved for dialisys so he said we would review them again in December. I have them checked every two weeks however.

    Any way I got to where I could walk to the mail box at the end of the drive way if I rested .
    Then my labs began to look a little better and the base line s for the liver and kidney improved a bit.

    I told hospice thanks but no thanks, I would get back with them a little later. They were cool about it.

    Now my hemoglobin is at 12 and my kidney is still working with help from a lot of lasex and the swelling has left my feet and legs but I am still needing fluid removed about every three to four weeks.

    I got to a point where I could get out of bed and set up a few minutes and I read the wonderful things you all and others have posted.

    I received several cards from monitors on the Gauge forum and a card and a couple of calls form here. Scott came looking for me even!!!

    That made a lot of difference in my mind set.

    My trains are all in storage , Bubbette and my son inventoried them and stored them so I haven't much to keep me out of mischief.

    I can drive myself for lab work and to doctors appointments but have to take a long nap when I return as I cant walk very far still. That day at the hobby shop when I got Scott's note was a great day and I had been to the docs and to my dad's house.

    I bought some model kits at W Va Hobby and a couple of St. Criox rods and new Okuma reels on line and am going to try fishing if Bubbete will drive me and see I don't get to taxed by it all.

    I feel confident I will be here at Christmas baring any more hemoraging. My blood ammonia levels are controlled and my only complaint is the fluid and the fatigue.

    Still I am more than ready when the angle band come to carry me home and not afraid of that time. We must never fear death but rather be confident in our calling and enter eternity with a good attitude and rejoicing.

    I pains me to set long to spend any time on line with this fluid so I don't get on the computer much but I see I have been remiss by not keeping in contact with my friends.

    Bubbette says folks like me real well and I never really thought of that but I guess they do. Since I have been sick I lost contact with old pals here at home but seem to know so many of you all by the many posts we all have made.

    I will tell you I am about don't in for today and think I will watch some soap operas or something now but I will be back.

    God bless each of you and don't forget those GIs in Iraq with Christmas coming, get a list and mail some cards to those youngsters. Call the HQ of your states Nation Guard if you don't know anyone special serving there and ask what you can do, tell them PVT. Gil sent you.

    Inconclusion let me say there is no way I can beat this save an other round of transplants and that just won't happen but I live each dat, one at a time and on bad days look forward to the next good day and I seem content with that now.
    Sumas Quad Sumus
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    God bless you Gil! Your words are an inspration! I rejoice that you have the strentgth to face your medical ordeal with such grace and courage. I'm also touched that in this time of personal troubles you think about the welfare of soldiers in Iraq. May you have many of those good days!

    Warm regards,
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    Best wishes and regards...

    ...from Mark and Laura.
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    Thanks for keeping in touch! It seems that that in itself is a challenge.