Headed for the Houston show.

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    Well, I'd say it's been a while sense I've been here. I've been busy out the wa zoo lately. The Shriner's Hospital show turned out ok. We tore down two week's ago and now we are headed to Houston for the "World's Greatest Hobby on Tour" in Houston, TX. at the George R. Brown Center on January 7 & 8. If you want to go or plan to and need more info then contact:

    Randy Bachmann
    Phone: (630)-279-5094
    E-mail: randy@wghshow.com

    A lot of the big people will be there such as Athearn, Atlas, Bachmann, BLI, Marklin, Woodland Scenics and many other's. 14 layout's, 75+ vendors. It's gonna be fun after all the hard work. Remember: Model railroading is fun!