HB ESky 2.4G Co-Douphin RC Helicopter

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    HB ESky 2.4G Co-Douphin RC Helicopter

    Specification: (1).Main rotor diameter:Φ340mm
    (2).Weight:about 240g
    (4).Power system:180 motor*2pcs
    (5).Transmitter:Standard 4 CH 2.4G transmitter(including training switch and simulator port)
    (6).Mix controller:"4in1" mix controller(Including gyro,mixer,ESC,receiver)
    (7).Servo:digital servos;weight:7.5g;torque:1.0kg.CM;speed:0.1S/60°
    (8).Battery: 7.4V 800mAh Li-polymer battery set


    4 channels helicopter which can
    1. Fly up / down
    2. Turn left / right
    3. Go forward / backward
    4. Tail left / right

    Power source: 7.4V Lipo Battery and Brushed Motor

    Blades X 4, coaxial rotor blades design, easy to learn how to fly. Designed for beginners.
    -- Flying Video of the 2.4G ESky Do-Douphin RC Helicopter

    Manual of the helicopter

    Source: Honey Bee ESky in China