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Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by johntc4drift, Jan 23, 2007.

  1. johntc4drift

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    i'm planning to drift a traxxas e-maxx . i found a lowering kit, and more powerful motors, the suspension could easily be configured, the only thing is tires,which i think pvc pipe comes in a close enough size. well project monster drift will soon be underway and i'll have pics shortly any ideas/suggestions...... reply later john
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    well if somehow you could use drift tires like car drift tires itdwork really well. cuz the size is so much smaller it would drift much easier. i dont think u could tho...
    but worth a try!
    good luck. ps i dont know if you even neeed new motors, cuz well the maxxs are pretty good, have a lot of torque. i would say concentrate on suspension and tires. then see if you need new motors.
    good luck, id love to see pix/vids.
  3. johntc4drift

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    i think it would be better to use the same size rims or else it would just look stupid.... maybee i'll look in to cutting some pvc pipe to go over the proline street tires.... maybee spinning rims or something else well see....
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    Yeah i don't think you nead new motors. Realy you should be abble to drift well on concreat in stock form. I suggest that you unhook the front wheel drive so you can get the truck to loose traction easier. If you do that you should be able to drift with some practice. I'm currently experementing with a traxxas rustler, it works well enough on concreteat. but don't get upset it will take a lot of practice. Good luck. 2WD all the way
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    i'm just going to lock out the rear diff and keep the front stock....i can drift my tc4 well but i think the added weight of the truck will be alot harder.....
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    Yeah just keep it 4wd, Ive tried 2wd with my touring car and all it does is spin. If you have some old junk plastic rims you can always drift with out tires on it. Trust me I know, My 3.3 4tec chucked some old tires off the rims one day, so rather than call it a day and replace the tires I just tore the rest of the tires off and drove around with just wheels on the car. You wouldnt think that it would drift well but my results were really impressive. I wouldnt do this unless the pvc tire thing doesnt work out though. The plastic wheels lasts for a little while but the ones for touring car only cost about 6 bucks a pair.