Has anyone checked into this online software for papercraft.

Discussion in 'Everything else' started by clif52, Sep 15, 2012.

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    Oct 24, 2004
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    Has anyone checked into this online software for papercraft. It turns photos of objects into 3D models. I wonder if you could shoot photos of a toy figure, turn it into a 3D model, and then make a paper model of it.


    Just a thought.
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    Sounds almost too good to be true. It kind of is. You have to submit your work to them to print or cut it, whichever is applicable. So it is not a free "Stand alone", and in a sense, and is not a purchase and make your own paper model software package.

    There is also an ownership issue. I read up on this when it first came out. My personal opinion, for what it's worth, is, using either a freeware program, or buying a program, gives you more options and control of your work. It wouldn't be truly your work if "they" produce it, and you have to pay for them to print or cut it. If they have now made it so you can print out whatever you create after submission to them for processing, well, that would be better, I guess. I still would rather control the whole process. :)
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    Apr 15, 2012
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    I tried it. I didn't manage to generate the 3d model from photos, I don't doubt that it work but you need to be in very good conditions which I wasn't.
    It doesn't unfold but it make stacked models or armatures.
    I still think it can be very nice to generate from a 3d model internal armatures while the skin would be generated by unfolding the way we usually do.