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    This is a DPM Gold kit that has been under construction on my layout for a few months. This kit is a really neat kit like all of the DPM Gold kits. Most of the kit went together well. The instructions are adequate. I jumped around and built several things at the same time while glue or paint dried. As you can see from the pictures, I haven't decaled it yet but that's coming soon.
    It is not a kit for a beginner. I had some difficulty with the chain link fence. I have done some others since then and they are easier with experience. There are some molding holes on the backside of the front and rear walls that have to be filled in, I had to go back to the LHS for some putty. There is a square piece of plastic that is supposed to fit at the roof junction inside, but the roof doesn't come together at a 90 degree angle! Like all DPM structures, the window and door castings are a bit thick.
    After a month sitting on the layout, I had to go back and paint the black paper roof with Grimy Black since it had faded to almost white. This was the first kit that I assembled that had white metal castings...trimming them was easy once I got the knack of it. I now primer all of them with flat white, something I didn't know to do when I did this kit.
    I had a lot of fun painting some of the details even though it was very time-consuming. I have since bought three other DPM Gold kits since I liked the look of this one.

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