Hagarty Rail Leasing, HRLX

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    May 23, 2003
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    I'm getting ready to launch a new railway equipment leasing company, (on my layout anyway!) It will be called Hagarty Rail Leasing, HRLX. To start with, we will lease woodchip cars, box cars, tank cars and Airslide hoppers. Eventually, there will be gondolas, other types of hoppers, flat cars and even locomotives. Most of the rolling stock will be used in the paper mill at Ottertail, but you may see some at other industries on the layout and on run through trains.
    It really opens up many possibilities, beacuse with a freelanced railway or leasing company, you can use what ever type of rolling stock or locomotives you want.
    CP is always short on power, so if a locomotive comes out that I really want, but won't be prototypical, this will let me get it now.
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    The Grande Valley Railroad has had a loco rebuilding division (Michigan Transportation Services) almost since it's creation in the late 1970s.The whole reason being that it allowed me like you to buy locos that I liked but wouldn't ordinarily be seen here in Michigan.

    The GVR also has a leasing arm with the reporting marks JELX.Our main loco leasing units are SD45's of SP parentage rebuilt by MTS as SD40-3m's.

    (PS) My model railroad company really is that old.(Geez,now I feel really old. :cry: )
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    So Mike, will any of these cars be making the rounds on other railroads:D ? Seriously, I like your idea. I'm doing my own shortline and won't be repainting everything I use so I can get a car or loco I like and just renumber it. It's a way to do exactly what you've described--run what I want to.