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    I have been digging through my games to find something to keep me busy, well, not to play, to convert to paper model.

    My eye caught Tom Clancy's HAWX.

    Installed the game and after loading my old save game I browsed through the available planes. And there are a lot.

    Pulled out 3D Ripper DX and tried to rip some models from the screen. Did not really work and the texture mapping was all wrong.

    So after "searching" around I found means to extract the models from the game.

    Loaded up some models and they all worked perfectly. Only problem now is they are relatively high in poly count and way to difficult for me to clean and convert to paper. Another problem is I have never done any paper models of planes so I will not even know how to make internal supports and frames etc.

    If any one wants to give some of the models a go, PM me and I will send you the model. Please name only a few since I can't send you the whole package since it is close to 100mb in size for all the planes.

    They are all ripped in obj format but I can export to other formats if you prefer another format instead.

    A list of all the planes from the game :


    NB : I am not sure what the policy is when it comes to game ripped model and copyright etc etc so if there is a problem then lock the topic.

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