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    There are a few simple rules that I expect everyone to observe to make their experience here at the RC Web Board an enjoyable one. These few guidelines are here to help everything run smoothly and make sure everyone has fun. If you ever have any questions about them, feel free to email me.

    1) Treat everyone with respect. While you may not agree with everyone's opinion, does not mean you should get nasty with them. Treat others with respect and you will earn everyone’s respect in return.

    2) Vulgar language will not be tolerated, NO exceptions! There are many younger people that visit here and we want to keep this a place where everyone is welcome and comfortable.

    3) No Spamming. Posting identical or similar posts in multiple threads constitutes SPAM and is unacceptable.

    4) Posting offensive or pornographic images will not be tolerated and such actions may result in your account being suspended and/or deleted.

    5) The above rules are not the only rules. Use common sense when posting and everyone will find the boards much more enjoyable.

    6) Have fun.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.