Guide for Construction of Paragon's SR-71

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    This thread is a quick guide for construction of the SR-71, SR-71B, YF-12, A-12, and M-21.

    First, cut out all red from the parts. For parts 1 and 2, cut out the green instead. Then cut out parts 1, 2 and 3 (wings). Glue 3 between 1 and 2. Fold the red-outlined tabs on parts 1 and 2 outward, while gluing the forward tabs between them. Do not attach the fronts of parts 1 and 2 except for the tabs. Part 4 (fuselage) should be rolled into a cylinder. Part 11 (nose weight) should be rolled tightly into thick cone. Roll part 5 (nose) into a cone, and insert 11 into it, then attach it to part 4. Attach the fuselage to the wings, sliding the wings into the slits in the fuselage, and gluing the tabs on the wings to the sides of the fueslage. Attach the "strakes" (fronts of parts 1 and 2) to the sides of the fuselage so that they form a triangular cross-section with the fuselage comprising the third side.

    Roll parts 7 (engines) into cylinders and slide them into place on the wings the same way that the fuselage was attached. Roll parts 8 (engine cones) into cones and insert each into the fronts of the engines. Roll parts 9 (exhaust) and attach them to the ends of the engines. Roll part 6 (fuselage tail) into a cone and attach it to the back, slide it as far up as necessary to make it look accurate. Score part 10 (cockpit) down the middle and make a mountain fold to attach the tab to the other side. Glue it to the front of the fuselage. Parts 12 fold in half to form the vertical stabilizers, which attach on top of the rear of the engines.

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