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    Doubleposted on the other sits as well.

    Hello all architectural-builders,

    The German papermodel-designer Godwin T. Petermann has published in the pas some fine, mostly traintrack-related, papermodels. But then he decided else (not for free anymore) and withdrew them from his site(s).
    But now he's back, after not being completely gone!!
    Last year there was railtrackhouse and only short time ago a little trackshed.
    On theGTP-siteand the MS-site there are many donwloads again, some new, but also some oldies.
    To honour this 'rebirth' I've done a weekend-build with this result:




    THANK YOU, Godwin.
    I hop, i know, we haven't seen the last of you yet!

    Greetings from Holland,

    Willem E.
    (AKA Ponytail)