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    Hi there, I'm a former hobbyist, used to build all kinds of things for friends, way back in the late 80s and 90s.

    I'm kind of at a loose end at the moment (been off work for 28 months and counting, due to spinal damage, now surgically fixed - I hope!) but it will be along slow recovery.

    To keep myself sane, I started drawing again, which led to 3D renders,which led me to try sculpting. Now I'm wanting to get into foam modelling, primarily from pepakura, as I no longer have the means available in my youth to set up a sculpting and casting workshop at the moment (though I will be working on that last, believe me).

    So, any help or advice you guys can give to a resurrected modeller would be great.I am a member already on, and those guys are amazing. They directed me here for more expert knowledge and know-how, so I am here to learn and share.

    I live in the Shetland Islands, around 200 miles off the Scottish mainland (closer to Norway, than to Scotland) but we ARE part of the UK (contrary to what many suppliers seem to think!). So all my kit must be ordered off the 'Net. :(

    While I am a wee bit rusty, I am a perfectionist and a relatively quick study, and my hands and eyes are still good!

    My main interests, modelling wise, are the heroes - Iron Man, Skyrim, Star Wars and Dredd.

    I am in the process -just started really - of attempting two costume builds at the moment, one classic comic book Dredd, the other the 2012 movie version of the same character. Similar in some ways, wildly different in many others.

    But it's a challenge, and I love challenges.

    My dream here would be to sculpt a Mark VI Iron Man helmet, with detachable faceplate, and led set up. Then move on to the Dredds!

    Anyway, that's me. hope to be here for a long time, and to learn and share with you guys.