Greetings to all of you, Zealotians

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    Greetings to all of you, Zealotians,

    I hope to become one of your ilk if you find me worthy ... [​IMG]

    I grew up with plastic models.

    I had many of the Aurora monster models; King Kong, the Creature from the Black Lagoon, Godzilla, Wolfman, Phantom of the Opera, Frankenstein and of course, Dracula. I learned how to glue and paint with a bottle and a brush (and wondered why I was dizzy when I got up when mom called me for dinner).

    I watched every Sci-fi movie I could on TV, back when it was free and on a b/w screen. The Day the Earth Stood Still, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Godzilla (the first one with Raymond Burr), Mothra and the Forbidden Planet to name a few.

    I then migrated to building model cars and then 1/32 and 1/24 scale slot cars. We had several tracks in the area and one within walking distance.

    Then, I hit 16-17 and I was able to drive a real car and discovered ... girls.

    Well, I did find time to rebuild a couple of motorcycles and several sports cars, and graduated from college over the years but my modeling went downhill until several years ago when I taught myself 3d cad (Intellicad, BricsCAD and QCad).

    I became pretty good with Open FX 3D and POV-Ray, too. But I wanted to find something that would help me visualize and possibly fabricate my own 1:1 scale car bodies.

    I then stumbled across papercraft models and this site in particular:

    100 Exceptional Free Paper Models and Toys (the jaguar, maria and robby the robot had me drooling)

    There are a LOT of japanese sites for beautiful car and race car models, but Uhu's beautiful sci-fi models brought me to this forum.

    So, I am making a lap in time, but I no longer feel alone in my fanaticism.

    Thanks for reading,


    PS I am a fledgling when it comes to papercraft. I've started two and finished only one.

    I am spending some time with Blender and Rhino but it is summer here and most of my free time will be spent bringing 3 engines (2 car and 1 bike) back to life - or at least try.

    I'll have more spare time on my hands when fall/winter returns.
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    Thanks for posting Forrest. This post is a sufficient answer to the questions I asked you in the P.M..:thumb: It's always nice to have another person who is into CAD in the forum. I play with Rhino3D a lot. If there's any particular genre of models you are looking for, let us know. sure someone can point you to what you looking for. :)

    I know what you mean about cars, I'm bringing my '73 M.G.Midget back to life. I already blueprinted the engine.