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    I been lurking here and learning the craft for a while now and discovered that shaking hands and old eyes do not make for good 1/8" box's. The wife laughs at me when I have my super duper magnifier glasses on, there almost strong enough to see the flag on the moon. So that's one problem solved, now if I could stop the hand shake I'd have it made. So I've moved up to 1:48 and larger models. Now the problem--I've taken on Surfduke's LRV using Wedge's thread, now the question-- does anybody remember another gentleman's photo spread on the same thing only he showed which pieces to cut out for just that build and some step by step builds of items. Oh by the way my LVR is going to be a tad bit larger, my paper size is 11x17" , so if any body remembers the other gentleman's story. Well time to get back to the model.

    thanks all
    jerry :wave: