Greetings from Central Pa.

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    Well the power's that be wrote me a nice little letter,telling me or suggesting to me to introduce myself.So here go's
    I am a 58 year old kid that has been model railroading for the past 28 years,I model in HO,and I am in the process of still working on the project,my main line is the Pennsy,it is a free style setup,no rhyme nor reason,Im modeling it my way.
    The layout is 22 x 12 walk in.
    Off to the side is another room apx.15 x 6 that is my build room.
    Everything was moved up to the second floor last year after tropical storm Lee paid a visit and wiped out apx.75% of the layout,thank goodness for insurance.
    Anyway were on the road to recovery,it's been a slow process with the way my work schedule is at times 12 on 12 off 6 day's a week.
    12 on 12 off 6 day's a weekwall1,yup been that way for the last year and a half.
    I am a miner,and my job title is heavy equipment operator,I get paid to play with big boy toy's:mrgreen:Have 5 more years to go till I pull the retirement pin.
    I'm married to my best friend for 30 years now,we have 4 children 3 boy's and 1 girl.The oldest is works for NBC sports,the middle boy is in law enforcement as is the girl,and my youngest son manages a HOOTER's:eek:lucky kid:mrgreen::thumb:
    Ok thats me in a nutshell.
    Thanks for havin me..
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    Welcome aboard, We hope you enjoy yourself here. Lots to offer for several different hobbies.