Great ProtoPhoto Site for N Steam-Diesel Modelers

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    Dec 17, 2000
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    Was following a search path for info on the famous
    NYC 999 4-4-0 when I ran across this fabulous website
    with links to 6 PAGES of B/W photos of steam and early
    diesel in the central USA. It is hosted by Div 3 MCR/NMRA.

    Here is the description of the collection

    These photographs are the first of a huge collection taken
    by Leslie and Chris Fisher in and around Springfield, Ohio
    in the mid 1950's. Roads included in the collection are the
    Pennsylvania, New York Central, Norfolk & Western, Erie,
    GM&O, and B&O. It includes both steam and early diesel
    There are thousands of photos in this collection, so keep
    checking back weekly for additional uploads.

    And here is the URL


    Don Brown
    Tucson AZ USA