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    The mitsubishi Gillant; not to big of a car you look and go: "My god! That looks insanly fast!" Or even: "Thats hot." You just cant do it. But then you have the Vr4 (Room echoes "Huh?") Im sure not many of you know of this car unless you are an avid Mitsu fan or have a lot of time on your hands.

    For those of you going, "HUH? WTF?!?" or, "Thats not a real car! Only the 3000GT was a Vr4!" heres the deal. Theres only 2000 of them. Period. 1000 were made in 1991, and 1000 more in 1992. But what makes these worth the $4 KBB has them priced at? Stock times, and whats inside. Didnt your mom ever say, "Its whats on the inside that counts, not out" well its true.

    Stock, this thing can turn over 14.0 Sec QM's. 4WD, and 4WS. Ponder that for a second. What could WS possibly stand for? Wheel Steering. Yes, its true. It has 4 wheel steering. When the rear end starts to slip the rear tires turn to help it out.

    So, how does this thing really run? AMAZINGLY! For an avid Subaru Impreza lover, i must say i would buy this Mitsu (and possibly will!). When i was taken for a ride in it, i wanted to cry. There was a sheet of ice on the roads, yet this thing still launched without a problem. Not once did it slide while taking a 90 degree turn at 40 with ice down. It was just so smooth while launching you back into your seat.

    More to come as i take a ride in one on dry streets...

    A quick quote from the driver, "See the speedomiter. It stops at 150. I used everylittle bit of it, and it was scary!"
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    Nice motor but would not stand close to a Vauxhall Lotus Carlton. :wink:
    Like the saying goes.
    "Ain't F*ck like a Vauxhall" :twisted:
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    im unfamilar with those. More info pls.

    *Note: The reason i make such the deal of Mitsu's is cause i've not seen many worth reconizing.
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    Base Price, GBP, '91 £49,045
    Engine Type dohc turbocharged I6
    Displacement, cc 3615 Power(DIN)@rpm 377@5200
    Torque lb-ft@rpm 419@4200 Curb Weight, lb 3650
    0-60 mph, sec 4.9
    1/4 mile, sec 13.5
    60-0 mph, ft 112
    0-100mph, sec 11.0
    Top Speed, mph 175

    Read more here

    Couple of vids worth downloading to look at. 8)
    Especially the 58mb one with Tiff driving it :twisted:
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    who makes it and what not. I couldnt nav that site much. Most of the english stuff was down and i didnt see anything for "Vauxhall". And from those stats... is that stock or mod? Cause if its mod, ill still put my money down on the Vr4... just because the Vr4 has nothing and runs 14... only .5 slower. It could easily hit 11's with bigger stronger pistons and new turbo.
  6. vectra

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    This car was built as a Vauxhall Carlton.

    Lotus got something like 1100 of them from Vauxhall and rebuilt them their way :twisted:

    Basically they were Classed as a Family saloon car only being the fastest family saloon car in the world in early 90's....... But get this........ It still is the fastest family saloon car in the world 14 years later 8)

    Read this
    "This is the Lotus Carlton, it's based on a Vauxhall Carlton. The Lotus Carlton is powered by a 3.6 liter 6 cylinder inline engine, equipped with two Garrett turbochargers. This Lotus engine produces 377bhp and rockets the large and heavy Carlton from 0-60 mph in 6.5 seconds and it doesn't stop accelerating until it reaches its topspeed, 177mph. From 1989 till 1992 it was the fastest saloon on the planet; it outran Ford Cosworths, Lancia Integrales, Lancia Thema 8.32's (Ferrari powered), both M5's and E500's and even a Ferrari Testarosso was blown away by this souped up saloon. General Motors (owner of Vauxhall) planned to built 1100 but in the end only 950 were built and because of a recession the last ones were sold off at bargain prices (allegedly half price) to clear stocks.
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    Ahh, twin turbo... thats why. But truely, its not all that much faster then the Vr4. Hell, its slower then my cousins WRX. But still sounds bad ass. Ya, i dont know much about English cars. I only know american and japanise.
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    for referencem is a site that caters somewaht to the GVR4. it is a galant with a 4g63 engine and basically a eclipse/talon gsx/tsi awd. very potent cars. they are modded just like an eclispe or talon or laser turbo car. very fast for very cheap...also visit, and search around on there are a few of em there

    have a happy boostin day
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    hoenstly you dont even have to break into the internals on a 6 bolt 4g63. you can run 11s with turbo upgrade and bolt ons
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    You dont think with more then 36psi (or am i mistaken? I believe its eather 36 or 26.) the pistons and what not would be very heavily stressed and blow or break? Iv heard of the Evo and WRX's that do that.

    Cause the max boost on a stock Vr4, with stock engine, broke the coupling off the intake filter. And it blew a gastic and a week later the engine started throwing codes and the boost gauge went gooky.
  11. tsispyder

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    hoenstly depends on the internals on the motor...i could be wrong, but the max boost on a 4g63 is near 25 or 26 psi...adn even then is pushing it. But it also depends on the turbo, setup, fuel mods, and everythign else. it depend son a lot of things. and about that other sure that the gasket was gonig and the intake wasnt tight enough.....however i dont know how the intake should pop of cause the air is sucking in through the turbo through the intake not blowing ?
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    im not sure where on the intake it was poped. And ya, the gasket was kinda old, the stock one, but it would have lasted a few more years trouble free i would guess, had he not tested it.
  13. tsispyder

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    but thast the beauty of the 4g63 yearns to be tested, beaten, boosted more. a phenomial block that will hold near 400 whp on the stock block and internals. when maintained correctly. but theyu are truely marvelous still looking for one now....cant find one to save my life... been wanting to buy one for years.
  14. SpArKeY_STi

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    Looking for a gilant vr4 or a vr4 in general? Cause on Ebay you can get a 3000GT Vr4 easy, but Gilants are few and far... but when they're there, there're CHEAP!
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    I still say that the Carlton would kill any Vr4 8)
    download one of the vid clips :twisted:
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    i can only say one thing by the time you go out and buy a base bone stock dsm and spend the money to upgrade it to 400 wheel horsepower

    i could buy a used 94-97 lt1 f body
    buy a nitrous kit 150 shot
    and blast mid 11s with a lot of money left over

    not knockin any kinda car but spending my money wisely
    you gotta understand where im comin from

    also for somethin coo chech out sts turbo systems for 4th gen f-bodies
    they mount behind the rear axle
    really unique stuff

    besides i drive an 86 monte carlo WTF
    i got a new truck though
    i only bought because of a really good deal i paid 1200

    a red 86 toyota
    33x15in super swamper tsl
    4 in suspension lift

    it is pretty fun but tops out at about 70 due to 5.29 gears
    but hey it aint gonna get stuck
  17. SpArKeY_STi

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    I understand what your saying, however its all prefrence. Cause at the same time, im looking at doing something like that myself. I can get a gen 2 RX-7 and get it running 11s for about $10, and my cousin wants to spend $30 to run 14s.

    DSM, ltm, those are kinda new to me. I just started heavy into the racing and car scene so could those be explained to me?
  18. tsispyder

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    but its not a DSM
    for me that justifies it...dsm runs through my blood....yeah yuo can make other cars faster for cheaper...but its priceles when i pull up next to a v8 and blow it away...or did anyways....i love my 4 banger turbos and will stay with them always