Granite gorge and Northern

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    Mar 30, 2011
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    Hello I was wanting to build this lay out but need help understanding the benchwork. It looks like's one of you are working on it. Do you happen to have pics of the benchwork "cookie cutter" This will be my first lay out. A frend gave me his attempt at the Senior twice around but i am going to redo it. It is just the bench work and track but it has a lot of space between the rail joiners and his wiring is a mess. My plan was to get started with a flat track and learn on it then work on the other. Just wanting to see the Granites and gorge benchwork for now.

    Thank you.
    Now for a few starter questions.
    1.How do you get feed back from the track switches so you know whitch way the train will go ?

    2. Do you solder the track joints? Some told me to other not to. I will be using Dcc . I think old way you could not with dcc you can. Does it help to get a smother running track ?

    Thank for your help.