GPS IIR-M Satelite

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    May 2, 2008
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    Hello everybody;
    I'm looking for photo's, diagrams, and info on Lockheeds GPS IIR-M satellite. Yes I'm building the model from baseband tech. What I really want is pics taken during the launch prep (payload integration) showing the sat just before launch. There is a grid like structure to the sat that is covered with the gold foil, I don't know if this grid structure shows through the foil. I also just want to see any details that I might want to add.
    This is going to be a two model project, one built as the kit, the second much more detailed.
    My boss uses a gps navigator in his work van, I thought he should really know what's telling him where to go.

    PS I plan on doing all the different GPS satelites, so I'll gladly take any info on any of them.