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    EMD produce the GP9 from January 1954 – August 1963.The GP9 is powered by a 567C Roots blower prime mover rated at 1750 Hp A total of 4092 units.There was 165
    GP9B built.The GP9 was built in a early and late models.The early GP9/GP9B had 4 36" fans while the late model GP9 had 2 48" fans..The GP9 was produce with and without DBs.
    Both Phillip Dodge mining and SP ordered low hood GP9s.

    Spotting features:The GP9 is readily identified by having one set of louvers on the side of the battery box ahead of the cab on the short hood.The GP7 had 3.
    A early GP9

    A late model GP9

    A GP9B

    Models: Walthers/Life Like makes the GP9 Atlas makes the GP9 in N Scale.
    I am not aware of any GP9B locomotives. Hi-Tech Details makes a B Unit Conversion Kit that fits the P2K GP9.Smokey Valley RR Products makes a Conversion Kit that fits the Athearn or Lionel GP7.
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    For models in other scales :D, the American Models GP9 is offered and a kit for a b unit is available from Des Plaines Hobbies. Atlas O offers the old Red Caboose GP9 now.

    Greg Elems