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    The GP60 was built by EMD between 1985 and 1994. It was the last 4-axle freight engine built new for North American use.

    The GP60 looks rather like the GP50, but pay attention to the dynamic brakes...

    EMD made three demonstrators, which are now owned by CSX:

    It was two years before any more GP60s were made. The first production GP60s looked similar to the prototypes, but the cab corners were squared off:

    In 1988, the headlights were moved to the cab:

    In 1989, the dynamic brake housing became much boxier:

    Then the prominent latches on the brake housing were replaced with bolts:

    There were two variants of the GP60: the GP60M and GP60B. Both were only ordered by Santa Fe.

    Widenose GP60Ms:

    Cabless GP60Bs:
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    Interesting tidbit about the GP60's...

    Most first-hand accounts from engineers say they loved the standard spartan-cab GP60. It's got very quick pickup, good throttle response and a good ride, giving it a "sports car" feel.

    The GP60M on the other hand was loathed by most ATSF crews. The Blomberg trucks couldn't satisfactorily support the added weight of the wide-nose comfort cab, and so the GP60Ms have very rough rides, with frequent THUMPs as the loco goes through turnouts or rolls over rail joints.

    It is a tribute to Martin Blomberg that his truck design lasted this long, all the way from the first EMD steam-killer F-unit to the last of the Geeps.