Gorilla hands, lucky rabbits feet, etc.

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    I used to make "Gorilla hands", a.k.a. "Lucky Rabbits Feet", etc., when I was a middle school student. Yes, I was superstitious back then, but at least they kind-of worked (despite having the "technology" be based completely on random coincidences).

    I would have posted a picture or a link here, but most of you already probably know what I am referring to.

    I figured I'd share this tidbit + some advice in case anyone wants to build their own lucky claw talisman paper crafts:

    1. Read up on Palmistry. The Croix Mystique (an etching in certain people's hands that denotes some form of 'magical ability') can help with the curse or spell if you know what you are doing.
    2. If you're just creating souvenir lucky claws, leave out the Croix Mystique. You don't have to do this, but as a person who's gotten into trouble with supernatural experiences I'd consider both spooky and real, if I were you, I'd take zero chances with the C.M. mark.
    3. The paper version can be as thin as a slip of paper.
    4. To make the paper version, do this: (a) outline your hand on a piece of paper, color it in. (b) fill in the palm etchings you need to make it 'magical'. (c) cut out the hand outline. (d) you're finished, unless you want to stick on a string or something. But by now, the ball's in your court.
    So, has anyone else created this charm before too?

    Have a nice day!