Good source for Good British Steam Train Videos

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    If you're interested in getting some good British steam train videos (or DVDs), here is a good source --

    They're located on the NW corner of Kennedy and Lawrence in Scarborough (in Toronto). I don't mind buying the occasional video, especially if it's at a good price. This store sells many trains videos for $20, which I think is a great price. (Way better than paying $40 at a LHS!!).

    I'm not getting any kickbacks for this -- I'm just passing on some info!

    BTW, they also sell all sorts of other British / BCC video tapes and DVDs -- car videos, Brit-Coms, old and new British movies, kids shows, etc.

    I just popped by yesterday and picked up a video that shows present day footage of preserved steam railways in Wales. Awesome shots of Foxcote Manor on the Llangollen Railway!

    Cheers, Rob