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Discussion in 'RC General & Getting Started' started by Nick S., Jul 14, 2004.

  1. Nick S.

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    As some of you know i am sorta a noobie to gas cars. I have a Yokomo GT4 (the older one) and my shitty stock pipe broke. I want to get a real pipe for it. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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    Remind me to make you a mod in every forum when im a admin again. I love you.
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    Lol... nah... trust me. Im not exactly the brightest person, i just like to read RC car mags and Modified Mag for 1:1 Scale cars... if it hasnt been said on that or in a forum... im lost....

    But a mod in every forum would be nice... :D :idea:

    Also, if you dont want to spend the $55 for it... you can down grade a bit to just the performance tuned pipe for aobut $20 less. If you get the Outlaw one it is basicly the Turbo 1 legal...
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    yeah you read modified mag also sparky?
    that is my favorite import mag.
    it is also a very good mag overall way better than my hotrod mags but i couldnt libve without them!
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    Ya... i love the coverage on D1 and other events. But in the last issure i REALLY loved the Tire and ECU reviews... best ever!
  7. Throw a NOVA TURBO on it. Very Very Good Pipe. you will never look back.

    when i got my one. i was like THESE ARE SWEET so i went brought a nother one jsut for a spare.


    keep it sidewayz!!!