Good-bye IMRL !

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    Aug 8, 2001
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    The IMRL has been bought by DM&E, and will become IC&E.

    Is that clear enough ?

    Ok - the Davenport, Iowa based I&M Rail Link has just been bought from Washington Companies. The holding corporation will be known as the Iowa, Chicago & Eastern Railroad Corporation. The DM&E (Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern) and IC&E (it's just gotta be known as "ICE"!) will have common management under the Cedar American Rails Holding, Inc.

    This purchase:

    1. Gives DM&E access to Chicago and Kansas City.

    2. Means that the Kato IMRL SD40s will be both the first and last models made under that road name (Will sit on shelves, or be collector's items ??).

    3. Means that my "nickname" has even less meaning than before!


    1. Is it possible to change your log-on name on the Forum ??

    2. Do I want to ???

    3. Has anyone ever made a DM&E loco ????

    4. What will the new ICE colors be ?????

    5. Who make the FIRST "IC&E" loco model ??????

    Well, another "new" owner for some of the old RI lines!

    - George