Resource GoF: Nivellian Salvehn

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    Just added a Christmas gift from me to the resources. this is the first ship of many from the space sim game Galaxy on Fire HD. originally created for Andriod devices and later ported to the PC. I edited the mesh cleaning it up in many places and added formers in the main hull to give it some additional strength. at about 19 inches (47.8cm) its a good size ship, but there are a lot of small parts that could be a challenge. As always i try to lay out the templates in a logical order so finding the next part is fairly easy. the texture is fairly dark and some of the fold lines are hard to impossible to see. if you have pepakura designer i left it unlocked and you can add the white lines if you wish to be able to see them better. I hope you have fun building it Merry Christmas.

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    That looks like it wilol be a very interesting build.
    Thank you for sharing it with us!