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    I still model some On30 but after having built some Large Scale models, I got hooked on Large Scale modeling. Large Scale is very easy to work with but takes up a lot of room (I model indoors from a model railroading perspective). I set up a simple oval of #1 gauge track to run the three footers I've built and also built some Gn15 industrial/mining models that run on HO track. This can allow you to model Large Scale in an HO space. Granted, structures are BIG but you can model smaller ones and load them with detail. The On30 Porters can easily be converted to Gn15 and On30 trucks work well for rolling stock.
    If you really want unusual narrow gauge and like to freelance, give Gn15 a try. http:// and http://gn15info/index.php have websites on Gn15.