Gladiators galore at Stahlhart Papercraft!!

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    Aug 25, 2007
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    New series of Gladiators biplane, 15 versions plus a B&W to color yourself

    1:60 scale but vector based (you can scale any size you want!).

    Try this link for home page:

    And please after you download these wonderful models for free, contact Christoph Stahl with a short note and a big THANKS!!

    A note for the Moderators: Mr. Christoph Stahl has some version (with swatikas) that can't be posted in his German web site, maybe Zealot can post these versions here without conflict like with the Germans laws.

    My Big Thanks! to Christoph Stahl for the generosity and beautiful models.

    My apologies to all the other modelers for not having enough time to log and post more often.

    Willy G.