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Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by MichaelBrown, Aug 2, 2006.

  1. MichaelBrown

    MichaelBrown Guest

    I'm not too stingy so don't worry too much on price. but at the same time i don't need something completely insane.

    I'm looking for a gas powered drifter that is a nice size. maybe 1/6. those yokomo RC cars look really cool. but not sure if their gas or electric.

    I'd like a FD3S, S15, or AE86

    ooo! and i'd like it so that the front and rear lights work!
  2. Kenji_Sasaki

    Kenji_Sasaki Guest

    there really isnt much selection for 1/6 gas drifters, and there hasnt been word of any of them being produced for drifting. It will have to be all custom if you still wish to go 1/6 drifting.

    If you still like gas there are alot of 1/10 scale gas drifters, from hpi, team associated, and tamiya. Out of all of them i recomend the Hpi nitro RS4 (400 $) it can be converted to driftspec by simply buying the midengine upgrade they have for 200 dollars!

    (gas drifting is expensive =_=, i say go electric)