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    Jul 21, 2006
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    I was recently linked to this Wikipedia entry from a comment I made on slashdot.

    I had no idea the work was done in such a short time. I figured they would have just done sections between stations and effectively moved the break-of-gauge point over the course of years. Pretty impressive!
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    pretty interesting how prior to 1900, "standard" gauge was not that standard. I am surprised they didn't just move he rail that last half inch at the same time. There must have been a reason.

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    Mar 25, 2002
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    There's always been a bit of disagreement about standard gauge. I thought that at least one RR went for 4'8" to tighten up the ride.
    Yes, back then major projects could be done over a weekend; nowadays they take years and that's after the environmental assessment. There were a number of railways in Ontario built to the "Ontario Government" gauge (forget what it was, now) because that was a requirement to get grants. Many of those were re-gagued over a weekend, although I think at least one was done progressively.
    Wonder if they pushed all the wheels in 3" overnight as well?