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    Help needed... need pictures of the 2004 Bandai SOC Getter G ships.

    I've done a paper set (see in Designers Corner and/or 2nd pic below) based on the ships from various shots in the old 1976 Getter Robo G anime, but I'd also like to do a set closer to the BANDAI SOC Getter Robo G ships (see pic below of actual 2004'ish toys)

    And to do that I need MORE PICTURES of the BANDAI SOC ships.

    The only good picture I have is the one below. Most of the pic's on ebay and google are tiny or show the ships at roughly the same angle, while I need front, top, side, and rear shots (bottom too please if you don't mind).

    The pic of the Bandai SOC ships I found via google images and I've already emailed the email on the picture hoping its a private toy collector willing to share pictures. Course, I've got no way of knowing if he'll reply or if he got the picture with a camera from some store display or just a reposted ebay picture.

    Those interested can find the thread here:
    ... as you can see on page 2, I modified my version (of the anime version) so the rear engines can be removed to allow the ships to dock into each other.

    If I can get enough pictures to do a version of the SOC ship designs I'll likewise modify them so they can also dock into each other.

    Please email pictures to me at:

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