German Federal Office of Civil Protection: papermodel Vehicles

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    in my free time I am a voluntary fireman. The so called "Federal Office of Civil protection and disaster assistance" is responsible for helping civil protection in Germany. Normally every town has to establish a fire-brigade by its own. The BBK assists for bigger disasters, like e.g. atomic reactor accidents.
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    One part is that they buy some vehicles and give them to organisations throughout Germany.
    For example we have one truck for decontamination of persons here in our fire-brigade. With this truck we also have to help in other towns in the area if needed.
    For their 10th anniversary they asked Volker Preikschat, known from and, to create some papermodels of the cars from the agency to give away for free.

    I started with the "Schlauchwagen" (fire truck with 2000 meters of fire-hose and other equipment), hopefully I can continue with it next time. At the moment I have to repair some things at our house and it seems, that one thing is fixed, two others break.

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    Nice models, that can be "greebled" (detailed) to life. Thank you! :)