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    Welcome to The Gauge – we are a bulletin board for railroad enthusiasts that are interested in model or prototype railroads. We are trying to keep our rules to a minimum, but we ask that you please read them to answer any questions you may have. The rules apply to all areas of The Gauge, including the forums, the Gallery and the private messaging system.

    1. Posting: Feel free to post messages wherever you think they are appropriate. There are many categories at The Gauge, choose the one you think best fits your post. Please do not "Cross-Post" (post the same message in more than one place). If you decide later that you think your post should be moved, ask for help from the moderator of that forum. A note to spammers, if you do take the time to read this, be aware that your posts will be removed immediately and you will be permanently banned from The Gauge; so please don’t waste our time or yours.

    1a. Saying "Hello": Most of us hang around in the Caboose Forum. :D Please feel free to stop by and introduce yourself.. We love to hear about new members and what they are doing at the present time....

    2. All Forums are Moderated: The Gauge is a "G" rated railroad bulletin board. Please post with this in mind! Just like most boards of our nature, we do not allow flaming, swearing and derogatory, obscene or intentionally confrontational posts. We may ask you to edit your post, or our moderators may edit or remove your post if it is deemed necessary. A repeat offender risks being suspended.

    NEW 2a. First Posts & Moderation Queue: Due to the large amount of spam that on-line forums are subjected to, we have anti-spam measures in place that may cause new members' first posts to be held in a "moderation queue". Your post is still intact, but a moderator needs to approve it before it appears. Unfortunately, some legitimate posts will get put in the queue, so please be patient if your post does not appear immediately.

    UPDATED 3. Use of Copyright Materials (Avatars, Images, etc.): Images posted by a member must belong to the member, or they must have permission from the owner to use it in this way. Otherwise, simply post a link to the picture you'd like others to see. Images from other Gauge members must be treated as their property as well, please ask their permission if you want to download it for your own use. "if there are any doubts about whether you can copy something, or if you need more specific information about copyrights, go to 10 Big Myths about copyright explained to get a good common sense summary".

    4. Linking Pictures:
    The Gauge does NOT allow linking of pictures on The Gauge to other Internet sites. If you are creating a link from another site to The Gauge (i.e. displaying an image using tags), please ensure that the host site permits this use.

    [B]5. Avatars & Signature Blocks:[/B] We allow the use of avatars. You are free to express yourself (within reason) so they do not have to be railroad related but they are limited to 100 x 100 pixels and 29.3K and can be directly uploaded to here.

    Signatures should be a maximum of six lines of text or one image not to exceed 100 x 100 pixels and 68K in size. Please keep these height limitations in mind when combining text and images; by that we mean, if you add lines of text, any image you use should be reduced accordingly. For instance, if your use three lines of text, than your picture must be reduce to not more than three lines high or about 50 pixels. The purpose of this is to minimize viewing time for our dial-up users and to keep distracting images from overpowering your posts. Links to your web site or photo site are also permitted in your signature block, but links to commercial sites are not. Note that all signature images must be linked off-site or to the Gallery.

    [COLOR="darkorange"]UPDATE[/COLOR] [B]6. Advertising & Items for Sale:[/B] The [I]Buy, Sell & Trade[/I] forum is for members selling or looking for railroad items or services for personal use. All notices in [I]Buy, Sell & Trade [/I]will be removed after 30 days unless renewed by contacting the forum moderator.

    The [I]New Products [/I]forum is for announcements concerning new railroad related products of interest to our members by individuals or small (“cottage”) businesses. Announcements in [I]New Products[/I] will be removed after 90 days.

    You may post an item or service only once in the relevant forum, and not in any other forum on The Gauge. Please notify the forum moderator if your item is sold/traded/found, or your service or new product becomes unavailable.

    [COLOR="DarkOrange"]NEW[/COLOR] [B]6a. eBay, and other Auction & Sale Links:[/B] Links to members’ railroad-related auctions (at eBay or any other Internet auction or sale site) are permitted only in the [I]Auction Listings [/I]forum. Links promoting the sale of members’ items that appear in any other forums will be removed. All notices will be removed after 30 days unless renewed by contacting a moderator.

    Note that using links to ask a question or provide an answer may be permitted, but please do not abuse this policy in an attempt to promote your own items for sale. Also note that links to auctions for items not railroad related may be removed.

    Please feel free to discuss any problems or concerns you may have with the appropriate moderator or an administrator. Remember that our staff here consists of modelers and railroad enthusiasts too, so you can expect to see them posting along with everyone else.

    ~~ The Gauge Administrators and Moderators
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