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    hello room,

    To start i'd like excuse myself cos my englihs is not very good. Well, i'm french and i've got a Train & Toy museum in the south of France. Since few months i'm register here and i'm very impressed because you American are better than us poor french about train and talk about them. i'm glad to found this place to talk about our passion.

    I'm not here only to have help, if i can help someone i'l do with pleasure, but for all say up to now, i couldn't help or understand all what was written.

    Today, i'd like ask help to you all. I research small gears, pinions and conics couple. My trains are scale 0 and hand-make, made between 1950 and 1960 like Fournereau or Meunier mark. Here in France we have only 1 company that have gears but they are bad quality, it's not a serious work.

    If someone can give me a adress where i can find gears.......

    I thank you very much for answer and for your time


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    Hi and welcome to the Gauge from the United Kingdom

    NWSL do all kinds of gears, here is the web address for you

  3. Ralph

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    Jun 18, 2002
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    Can't help with the gears but I do wish to welcome you aboard!
    Greetings from Minnesota, USA!
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    Nov 25, 2001
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    Hi Chapi-

    Welcome aboard from South Carolina, USA. Vous parlez American much better than i parlez Francais!

    Don't know if this will help your gear search or not, but these sites may be of interest to you anyway.

    Railmaster Exports of New Zealand says they provide "Euro Trains, O/1/S:

    Herbach & Rademan is a supply house for "science and Industry". My 2003-issue 1 catalog has several pages of gears suitable for hobbists.

    Also, the American magazine, "Classic Toy Trains" may be of interest to you. They specialize in Standard, O and S gauge trains.

    There are a number of suppliers of American Flyer and Lionel parts in the US, but i suspect that the equipment you are working with is metric and back in the '50s and '60s most of our equipment was not.

    Hope to hear how your repair work progresses. Good luck!