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    This is a list of the main Railroad forums (known as The Gauge) and a few selected forums in the other sections of If you want to make a post, please take a moment to read the descriptions and post in the forum that best suits your needs.

    You will meet new friends with the same interests and get faster and more accurate answers to your questions....--- Thanks!!!

    Gauge E-Mag Jan 08


    The-Gauge: Navigation Guide
    All the stuff Newbies need to know - to survive The Gauge :) (You are here)
    Sub-Forums: Gauge Rules, FAQ's and helpful info

    General Talk
    Talk about any train, model railroading, or related topic here
    Sub-Forums: Upcoming MRR Events Forum, The Gauge Railway

    The Caboose
    Stop in and get to know the other Gauge members... New Members - stop in here and say "hello"!! :)
    Sub-Forum: ID Badges, E-passes and Faces Behind The Names

    Photography, Books, Video, Scenery
    hmm! self explanatory we think!

    Photo and Model Building Challenges
    Where we show off our photo and modeling skills
    Sub-Forums: Current Challenges, Voting Forum for all Challenges

    N / Z Scale Model Trains
    N & Z Railroaders

    HO Scale Model Trains
    HO Railroaders

    G / O / S Scale Model Trains
    G / O / S Railroaders

    Narrow Gauge Model Railroading
    This forum is to discuss ideas and methods for narrow gauge model railroading and is for any scale.
    Sub-Forums: On30 Forum

    Logging, Mining and Industrial railroads
    Discuss operations, procedures, equipment and ideas regarding model logging, mining and dedicated industrial railroads. All scales.

    Modular Layout Forum
    Building Giant Railroads, 3 Feet at at time

    Traction Thoroughfare
    A "street" for all those fans and modelers of Mid-Town trolleys and other traction to meet!

    Scratchin' & Bashin'
    For all scales. Includes locomotives, rolling stock, buildings, bridges, vehicles etc.

    Technical Q & A
    If you've got a question or you're a newbie, this is the place for answers

    Product Review Forum
    Reviews for Model Railroad Related Items

    Track Planning for the Future
    This forum is for the submission and discussion of Tracks Plans only.

    DCC Forum
    This forum is to discuss Digital Command Control and Recommended Practices.

    Model Rail Operations
    Discuss how to run your empire

    The Real Thing- USA
    US Trains

    The Real Thing- Canada
    Canadian Trains

    The Real Thing- International
    Trains from around the world

    The Builder's Plate
    Info related to all Steam Engine Manufacturers

    Trackside Industries and Details
    Here's where you will find actual and scale pics and descriptions of what you find along the line.

    Weathering Forum
    This is the place to show your weathering techniques be it a loco, rolling stock, structure or even scenery.

    Trainspotter ID
    Was that an F7 or an FP9? What's the difference between a GP-18, GP-20 and a GP-38? If you know, this is the place to share that information with the rest of us.

    The Academy
    Sub-Forum: Robin At His Best

    Tips & Tricks
    Post your tips to help fellow modelers

    Buy, Sell and Trade
    Post your items to sell, wanted to buy, or trade offers here.

    New Products Forum
    This forum is open for Small Business New Products. Posting here is subject to moderator's discretion.

    Auction Listings
    Post a link to your eBay or other auction site listings.


    Aircraft and Aviation
    Aircraft and Aviation Models and Discussion hosted by your moderators, Ashrunner and Texman

    Armor and Military Vehicles
    Armor and Military Vehicle Models and Discussion hosted by your moderator, nebeltex

    Architecture Models
    Architecture Models and Discussion hosted by your moderator Amazyah

    Dioramas & Displays
    Displays, Dioramas and Scenery discussion hosted by your moderator Fishcarver

    Gaming and Gaming accessories
    Gaming and Gaming Accessory Models and Discussion hosted by your moderator, nebeltex

    Internet Finds
    Found a great free kit on the \'net\'? Post it here

    Real Space
    Real Space Models and Discussion hosted by your moderators, Ashrunner and Ekuth

    Science Fiction Models
    Science Fiction Models and Discussion hosted by your moderator, TheWebDude

    Rail Cars and Engines
    Railcars and Engine Models and Discussion hosted by your moderator, RichBohlman