Gauge Boxcar World Tour-Schedual

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    Jun 18, 2002
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    As of 3/25, this is the schedual for the HO scale Gauge boxcar.
    PM or e-mail me( your address. I'm trying to keep this as regional as possible to keep individual shipping costs to a min.
    K.V.-Your choice on the N scale.
    Still working on the N scale schedual.
    Updated - 3/27
    Ralph- Minnasota- car fowarded to Canada
    Tin Goat - Canada
    Val - Canada
    Mason Jar - Canada
    Paul Davis - Canada
    Mike S. - Canada
    Sumpter250 - Illinois
    RaiderCTE - North Carolina
    TR-Flyer - South Carolina
    Gary Pfeil - New Jersey
    Mike P. - Pennsylvaina
    Edavillenut - Massachusettes
    88fan - Connecticut
    Shamus - UK
    Rail Ron - Switzerland

    As I recieve more addresses I will try to insert them regional.
    This will also prevent it from double "tracking"